Announcing: JD Edwards Connector Now Mule 4 Certified

Following the release of the JD Edwards Connector update, we’re pleased to announce that the new connector is now Mulesoft certified for Mule 4.

Built to address the challenges of integrating JD Edwards ERP across an organization’s ecosystem, the JDE connector for Mulesoft’s Anypoint has continued to evolve in parallel with Mule’s platform.

Committed to ensuring that our customers can keep pace with the newest Mule updates, we’ve worked to ensure that our connector has the seal of approval from Mulesoft in terms of compatibility and adhering to their connector standards. 

PortX’s JDE connector – available as a standalone product from the PortX platform – simplifies integrations between your critical business systems and your ERP. Integration can be quickly created with a drag-and-drop interface using existing APIs, SaaS, enterprise, and legacy systems. Knowledgeable Mule developers can use the connector to accelerate the development of custom connections. 

With the PortX JDE Connector for Mule 4, you get:

  • Drag-and-drop development and deployment
  • Support for both cloud-hosted and on-prem solutions
  • Supports the following  JDE features –
    • Business functions for all JDE modules, as well as custom Business Functions
    • Universal Batch Engine (UBE) batches
    • EDI Events and Master Business Function Events
  • Direct integration to our PortX B2B/EDI platform for supply chain support

Features from our previous releases of our JDE connector are also fully supported in this latest release. We also have a free trial of our JDE connector available.

Check back with us soon for announcements regarding other Mule 4 connector updates, including our AS2 connector.