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Begin with cost-effective, reliable, and reusable API connectivity that abstracts the banking core from other systems to provide your FI full control of the customer data you own.

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Control over your core integration and customer data unleashes rapid project creation, accelerates speed-to-market, and ultimately drives your digital-first organization.

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Create unparalleled products by meticulously selecting from top-tier providers that include banking cores, payment networks, financial applications, and fintech solutions.
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A comprehensive integration strategy culminates in a 360-degree view of your customer, the versatility to monetize your data, and the discernment to grow your business efficiently.
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The PortX Integration Platform – Your “Fintech Hub”

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Platform Overview

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Integration Manager

Integration Manager facilitates the design, development, deployment, management, and monitoring of custom APIs. It provides an array of developer-friendly tools, enabling continuous delivery and deployment of integrations, while breaking free from the constraints of expensive and cumbersome ESBs.

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PortX Banking Integration Tools

PortX components allow you to design, develop, deploy, manage, secure, and monitor custom APIs in the cloud. Our modern integration stack is built on a microservices framework and provides loosely-coupled developer tools that enable continuous delivery and deployment of integrations and eliminate vendor lock-in from expensive, bloated, and monolithic ESBs.

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Payment Manager

Merge your payment channels securely into one common management platform. Save your IT budget and instantly integrate these solutions into your banking core with our drop-in suite of simple and reusable APIs. With Payment Manager, you can quickly and easily connect to modern payment networks without adding technical debt to your organization.

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PortX Fintech Cloud / API Hosting

Fintech Cloud enables streamlined deployment, high reliability, and scalability through a unified platform, combining advanced hosting solutions with modern features for seamless and secure API hosting functionality. Leverage standards-based tools like Docker & Kubernetes, along with PortX GitOps, observability tools, a service mesh-based API Gateway, CI/CD templates, & PortX IAM.

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API Builder

PortX API Builder provides a mature user-friendly developer framework for end-to-end API development. From intuitive design and construction to robust testing, it empowers you to build innovative digital products, platforms, and services quickly. API Builder includes proven connectors for all common integration protocols.

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Data Transformation

Brought to you by DataSonnet, our open source solution features a portable, powerful, and easy-to-learn data mapping language and tool designed to facilitate data transformation in any integration scenario. Adeptly map and transform your data, ensuring seamless integration across your system’s landscape.

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Translators & Parsers

Harness the power of PortX’s translators and parsers to seamlessly convert various communication protocols and data structures into more universally recognized formats. Our suite of parsers encompasses an extensive range, including X12, Swift, ACH, Fedwire, and others.

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Workflow (Business Process Management)

Workflow revolutionizes Business Process Management by enabling you to track long-running transactions and seamlessly coordinate asynchronous responses into a cohesive business process. With a memory-efficient design, it continuously listens for updates and events while cleverly conserving system resources by switching into a low-power “sleep” mode as needed.

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Rules Engine

Rules Engine provides a framework to navigate through complex business rules and logic without the need for intricate coding. This design allows developers to articulate and enforce rules with relative ease and presents a strategic way to manage and implement specific business processes efficiently.

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Event Streaming

Our Event Streaming Service embraces an event-driven architecture, enabling you to build and decouple APIs instead of traditional point-to-point APIs. This service allows applications to subscribe to events, fostering the construction of advanced integration options that enhance your system’s adaptability and scalability.

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Leveraging a powerful in-memory data store, our caching solution significantly enhances your application’s performance by reducing latency. It keeps frequently accessed data readily available, providing your users with a streamlined, high-speed experience.

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Developer Portal

Developer Portal is dynamically generated and fully customizable for comprehensive API documentation. Tailor the portal to suit your brand by adding custom content, adjusting styles, and incorporating your branding, or take control by opting for self-hosting. The portal serves as an invaluable resource for app developers to discover and onboard to your APIs, learn how to integrate them into applications, and access API documentation.

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Connectors & Pre-Built APIs

Extend PortX with the Connect Marketplace, a comprehensive exchange of connectors and pre-built APIs designed to expand the capabilities of our platform and facilitate connections to virtually any system or service. This dynamic ecosystem enables seamless integration and adaptability.

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Edge VPC (Secure VPN to the Core)

PortX delivers versatile solutions for creating an encrypted channel, ensuring safe and seamless data flow between your integrations and the core. With our Edge VPC feature, you can assign smaller IP ranges or choose a dedicated IP address, providing simpler, more flexible options for establishing a secure connection.

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GitOps (CI/CD)

Align with modern infrastructure best practices and streamline your software delivery lifecycle by embracing the GitOps approach to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD). PortX supports declarative Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) so all deployments can be automated through an approval workflow using GitHub branch protection and code reviews. This ensures your deployments are secure, audited, reversible, and repeatable.

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API Manager

API Manager equips you with the visibility and control necessary to oversee traffic, bolster security, and ensure endpoint health. It features API definitions and documentation, a comprehensive management plane, and built-in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) functionality.

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Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Effortlessly set up, authenticate, and control permissions from this self-service, seamless, intuitive portal. PortX IAM is a user-friendly tool that empowers you to streamline your identity management processes, enhancing security while ensuring the right individuals have the necessary access.

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Unified Observability Portal

Our monitoring component provides robust log collection, giving you a unified UI for seamless log management and search, infrastructure monitoring metrics, distributed tracing, and effective error management and alerts. PortX UOP’s extensible design allows for custom dashboards, ensuring a tailored fit for your unique monitoring needs and enhanced visibility into system performance.

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Data Protection & Privacy

This solution is specifically designed to uphold the highest data privacy standards, and maintain dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). By integrating robust encryption measures, pseudonymization, and centralized controls in common data ingestion and distribution points, we ensure your sensitive data remains safeguarded and compliant with international regulations, while simultaneously offering an unparalleled level of data control.

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