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Evolve your EDI messaging, automate B2B communications, and maximize trading partner relationships with our cloud-native platform.

The first cloud-native trading partner
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Modern B2B partner communication

Trading partner communications are the life-blood of a business. Exchanging information between you and your partners keeps you ahead of your competition and accelerates business growth.

But many companies build B2B integrations the same way they did 20 or even 30 years ago. Connections are single use. Onboarding takes weeks. Configuration changes can sit in IT’s backlog for weeks or months, making business users nervous and irritated. And other B2B integration solutions fall short of real transformation.

Make partner connections a priority while revolutionizing how you manage B2B communications.

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PortX addresses the entire trading partner process

Find, Establish, and Manage Relationships

Finding the right partner and establishing the right business processes are important to smooth business-to-business communication

Onboard & Implement

Frequently the most complicated and time consuming piece of the process, onboarding and implementation can require weeks of intensive data mapping and IT implementation


Configuration and data changes can result in errors and delays. Relying on manual support from overloaded B2B/EDI specialists slows the process even more

Technical Operations

Knowing when technical issues occur and remediating them quickly is important to keeping data flowing between you and your partners

Business Operations

Business users need visibility into message receipts, end-to-end message identity, and other important information to ensure the right data is getting where it needs to be

Business Intelligence

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Analytics around performance and integration operations is critical to proactive communication maintenance

PortX Clears the Path to Digital Transformation for Your B2B Integrations

Cloud Native

Your business relies on your partners. B2B integrations shouldn’t live on a backroom server. Leverage the cloud for secure, stable partner communications with the first cloud-native B2B solution

Self-Service Driven

Minimize requests in IT’s backlog with self-service management of B2B communications. The PortX interface makes it simple for line-of-business analysts to maintain & configure partner integrations

API-First Approach

Your B2B integrations should match the rest of your transformation efforts. With a simple-to-use, easy-to-learn interface, PortX allows your EDI specialists to connect to your reusable APIs.

All for a fraction of the cost of traditional B2B integrations solutions

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