Brand Guidelines

Thank you for sharing our brand. To maintain a consistent and strong brand identity, please follow these usage guidelines for our logo, colors, and fonts.

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Please use our primary two-color logo whenever possible. If you’re working with colored backgrounds, please utilize the white version of our logo. Contact our marketing team directly if you require other file types or have additional questions.

PNG 500px Wide

PortX Logo

PNG 500px Wide

PortX Logo


PortX Logo


PortX Logo


Please use our logo without the wordmark in situations where space is limited.




Our brand is clean and crisp, with an abbreviated aesthetic that values white space. We balance this with a lively and playful spirit that adds a touch of fun to our overall brand identity.

PortX Logo Blue
Hex #4FC7E7
RGB 79, 199, 231

PortX Dark
Hex #02182B
RGB 2, 24, 43

Gradient Background 1
Hex #3875CC – #12D0FA
RGB 56, 117, 204 – 18, 208, 250

Gradient Background 2
Hex #8872FF- #77B4FF
RBG 136, 114, 255 – 119, 180, 255

Gradient Background 3
Hex #00C9E4- #02E4A0
RGB 0, 201, 228 – 2, 228, 160

Gradient Background 4
Hex #0C8EFF – #B0EFFF
RGB 12, 142, 255 – 176, 239, 255


Space Grotesk

Use Space Grotesk Medium for top-level titles
and Space Grotesk Regular for mid-level headings.

IBM Plex Sans

Use IBM Plex Sans for small headings and paragraph copy.