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The challenges

Point-to-point architecture

Point to point architecture diagram

Point-to-point architecture is too brittle and unscalable to support innovation.

Vendor dependence

Vendor dependence illustration

Rate of innovation occurs at the vendor’s pace, which is often very slow.

Platform creep

Platform creep illustration

Vendor “integration platforms” are just proprietary interfaces for point-to-point integration.

Rigid org culture

Rigid organizational culture

In many cases, organizations are not set up to deliver with speed and flexibility.

The solution: Outcome-based approach

We help you identify your business outcomes and optimize your organization’s skill set, processes, and technology to become an innovation shop.

Prepare for the future
Prepare for the future

Identify your pain points. Define your roadmap. Prioritize your use cases.

Prepare for the future
Start small & move fast

Start small and scale up by building and leveraging reusable assets.

Prepare for the future
Modernize IT landscape

Use integration best practices to modernize your IT landscape.

Prepare for the future
Continuous enablement

Enable your developer and partner ecosystem to leverage your reusable assets.

Best Practices

Agility Layer

Replace your legacy point-to-point landscape with an API-based agility layer that enables reuse, legacy modernization, and innovation. This allows access to data for new products and services in a matter of days, instead of months.

API-Led Design

Design and build your agility layer using the API-led approach:
1. Expose your data. 2. Describe your business. 3. Present your information to target applications and devices. Build APIs as modular, reusable components.

Integration Platform

Start with a foundational platform that satisfies a few simple use cases. You can evolve that platform at your pace to an enterprise integration platform. This approach can rapidly deliver digital transformation results in line with your budget and resources. Explore the PortX Platform >

Agile Org Model

Establish a new operating model based on agile principles and scalability. Enable your team to own the solution and train your ecosystem of developers and partners to securely access data through your library of reusable APIs.


Our collaborative approach leverages API-led and Agile best practices, building on insights derived from our most successful customers.
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Integration landscape

Our team has delivered numerous integration solutions based on API-led best practices that have provided our customers with access to key systems and data while providing them with vendor independence. We have significant experience Symitar, NCR’s digital banking, and popular SaaS solutions such as Salesforce and Marketo – just to name a few.

Explore Core Integration > Learn more about Delivery Methodology >

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