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PortX is removing the barriers that impede innovation in financial services. We build infrastructure that delivers open access to data, simplified application connectivity, and accelerated adoption of new technologies and networks.

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We work with banks, credit unions, and fintechs.

We deliver business outcomes almost exclusively for community banks, credit unions, and fintechs via PortX—our Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Combining our tools and expertise, we unlock access to core data, enable rapid delivery of innovative products, facilitate optimal customer experiences, and help FIs build a 360-degree view of their customers.
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Why do we focus on financial services?

We started as an enterprise integration company and primarily worked with banks and credit unions. As we grew our footprint in financial services, we learned that banks, credit unions, and fintechs required a comprehensive integration solution targeted toward their specific needs:

Acceptable cost

The solution must be cost-effective. Today, most integration platforms are prohibitively expensive. When combined with the interface fees charged by banking core vendors, they saddle the FI or fintech with a double-cost situation.

Partnership vs. Vendor Management

Managing a collection of vendors is time-consuming and generates mixed results. FIs need a strategic partner who understands their business, collaborates with their team, and has the technical capabilities to deliver for them.

Dedicated services delivery team

FIs commonly lack the in-house resources to sustainably handle their integration needs.

Fintech onboarding

An FI’s innovation capacity is directly related to the ease with which it can onboard fintechs. This in turn depends on how quickly the FI can integrate a new fintech partner with its banking core and other key systems.

Freedom of choice

FIs need the portability and flexibility to choose any vendor they want.

We’re different from other integration teams.

We have learned from our customers. In particular, three primary customer insights have influenced the evolution of our products and service delivery methodology.

Not all integration partners are the same.

Big integration companies use low-cost, outsourced partners that lack specialized knowledge or experience with financial services, placing the burden of managing the integration team on the customer. In contrast, PortX remains engaged with its customers long after the license contract is signed, providing a collaborative approach that includes dedicated project squads, onsite workshops, and real-time communication channels.

Team collaboration

Team collaboration

Your integration partner must know financial services.

While some integration firms cherry-pick past engagements and rely on a few good people, our ongoing collaboration with customers enhances our expertise in financial services. We also use our fintech ecosystem to provide customers with knowledge of solutions such as online banking and document management. With an unyielding pursuit of industry knowledge, we are better equipped to handle challenges and advocate for our customers within core vendor organizations.

The platform must enable your future.

Community FIs need support with acquisitions, integration of new systems, replacement of key systems, simplified fintech onboarding capabilities, and setting up their organization for future success. To meet these needs, we evolved our platform to include open banking APIs, connectors for leading banking cores, a marketplace of integrated fintechs, a hosting platform with managed services and support, a dedicated development team, and integration consulting and R&D teams.

Team collaboration

Our Core Principles

Our core principles serve as the building blocks for our team culture, guiding our hiring decisions and ensuring that we are equipped to support customers in a challenging and constantly evolving market. They are what make us PortX.

Do everything with purpose

  • Demonstrate ownership in your work
  • Advance our mission in all things you do
  • Hold yourself and others accountable

We approach our work with passion, creativity, and the pursuit of excellence. We meet challenges and drive solutions. Everything we do aligns with our mission, from strategic decisions to our company culture to each line of code.

Challenge the ordinary

  • Approach your work with intellectual curiosity
  • Be ready to challenge the status quo
  • Endeavor to be trustworthy over agreeable

With honesty, integrity, and tenacity, we engage collaboratively with teammates, partners, and customers. We are open-minded and encourage constant innovation, learning, and improvement.

Check your ego at the door

  • Commit to the team and customer experience
  • Perform with confidence and humility
  • Start the right conversation, not the wrong fight

We lead by being vulnerable, unpretentious, respectful, and putting our mission, customers, and colleagues ahead of our personal interests. We prioritize doing the right thing for our customers over settling for what’s easy for us.

If this sounds like you, learn more about joining the team on our careers page.

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