Customer 360: Monetize
Your Data

Empower your FI to make informed, real-time decisions, optimize the product roadmap, and increase revenue by harnessing data through a comprehensive integration strategy.

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Consolidate Your Data

Your integration strategy should ultimately result in unrestricted access to the data you already own. With this level of control, converge your scattered data sources to create a unified perspective of the customer, commonly referred to as a 360-degree view.

Know Your Customer

A 360-degree view of the customer enables you to provide high-quality experiences and simplifies employee tasks. With access to complete customer interaction history on a single screen, your staff is empowered to provide personalized products and services that are likely of interest.

Gain Rapid Insights

Access to all-encompassing customer data provides your leadership team with immediate insights and supports strategic decision-making about how and where to increase revenue or reduce costs.

Grow Your Business

Gaining a holistic understanding of the customer from all perspectives can pinpoint where opportunities for innovation exist. With this information, you can determine which initiatives produce results, identify projects that should “fail fast,” and discern key partnerships.

How to Get There

When access to data is unobstructed, a 360-degree view of customer behavior can begin to take shape in multiple ways.

Many FIs initiate the onboarding process of a CRM system (including these examples) through the PortX platform.

Others prefer to leverage our lightweight data warehouse approach to realize the benefits of most data governance, data quality, and master data management capabilities without having to purchase expensive off-the-shelf solutions.

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