Whitepaper: Evolve Your B2B EDI Communications

Despite being an older technology, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messaging remains an important means of B2B communication. According to Forrester Research, there are more than 20 billion EDI transactions a year.

For many organizations, though, trading partner integrations and EDI messaging remain brittle and single-use, forcing organizations to face staffing … Read more

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange – or EDI – is an important piece of day-to-day business-to-business communication. It has accelerated the exchange of data between businesses, improved information flow, and reduced errors. But what is EDI, really? Where did it come from? What is it used for? And what are the challenges … Read more

The Process of B2B Communications

Communication between organizations and their trading partners is what drives business today. Companies no longer have the time, energy, or talent base to do it all, and must rely on their partners to provide materials, for transport, logistics, and more.

Communication with partners doesn’t stop there. Bills of lading, invoices, … Read more