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Our solutions transform the organizations, technologies, and capabilities our customers depend on to compete in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Our service delivery model leverages API-led and Agile best practices in a team-based, collaborative approach.

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Banking Core Integration

Customers don’t wait for core vendors. Why should you? Gain freedom from vendor lock-in and leverage the power of your existing core technology. An API agility layer will accelerate application development and integrate new vendors and services so that you can deliver at the speed of your customers.

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Digital Transformation

From strategy to implementation, we help you achieve and maintain digital relevance in a rapidly evolving world. Build the foundational capabilities that allow your organization to change and innovate at scale.

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Customer 360

Empower your FI to make informed, real-time decisions, optimize the product roadmap, and increase revenue by harnessing data through a comprehensive integration strategy. A 360-degree view of the customer enables you to provide high-quality experiences and simplifies employee tasks.

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Enterprise Integration

Managing your trading partners can be complicated, time consuming, and highly technical. It doesn’t have to be! Modernize your B2B capabilities with a suite of solutions that simplify EDI messaging.

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Connect Marketplace

Explore connectors for common banking core vendors, payment networks, and other enterprise applications. Our globally recognized fintech and system integration partnerships enable limitless capabilities.

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Fintech Solutions

Our partnerships expand the capabilities and features that Fintechs can offer to financial institutions. The Fintech Hub presents a standardized way for both banks and Fintechs to create the new connective capabilities they need.

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How do we deliver services?

Integration layer

We help you identify your business outcomes and optimize your organization’s skill set, processes, and technology to become an innovation shop. Learn more about our core delivery principles, methodology, and successfully completed integrations.

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Agility Layer

Read our latest case study:

Colony Bank drives operational efficiency, improves data management, and reduces dependency on its core provider

Colony Bank was stuck, relying on their core provider for system implementations and data uploads. This dependency resulted in high costs and time-consuming integrations. Through the implementation of PortX, Colony Bank gained the ability to create simple integrations between vendors, construct its own data warehouse, and improve its CRM and data visualization tools. This transition helped them move away from their core dependency and enable seamless connectivity across all systems.

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