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November 15, 2023

To Hesitate or Innovate, $16.5M Series B, ChatGPT & AI-First for Banks, SOC 2, and Product Updates

PortX Fintech News

In this edition of PortX Fintech News, we’re excited to announce PortX’s $16.5M Series B, our perspective on how banks can succeed in both the short and long term during an economic downturn, what’s new for the PortX Platform, and two new partner announcements – Prelim and Abrigo.

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PortX Secures $16.5 Million in Series B Funding With Investors Focused on Community Financial Institutions

We are thrilled to share that we’ve successfully completed our Series B funding round, raising a significant $16.5 million! This milestone reaffirms our dedication and role as innovators in the open banking landscape for community financial institutions.

  • Funding underscores shift toward open banking and the demand for seamless core integration and innovation
  • Investors represent 200 community financial institutions
  • PortX forms Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO)

Our collaboration with FUSE has been a driving force, and as Brendan Wales, Founding Partner at FUSE, shared, “We at FUSE see PortX as a game-changer in the open banking ecosystem. Their vision and technology align perfectly with the industry’s evolving needs. This is our second investment in the company, and it’s not just a vote of confidence in PortX, but a bet on the transformative... Read more

June 29, 2023

Integration Manager 2.0, Jack Henry Insights, New Partners Identifee and MeridianLink

PortX Fintech News

In this edition of PortX Fintech News, we’re excited to share the release of Integration Manager 2.0 – our digital core banking integration software for financial institutions – and two new fintech partnerships with MeridianLink and Identifee. Additionally, a recent report by Jack Henry highlights significant trends in the financial industry that your institution cannot afford to ignore.

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PortX Announces Integration Manager 2.0

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Integration Manager 2.0 – an advanced tool built to streamline your business operations by facilitating efficient integration between the core and your FI’s software systems. With this technology, your organization can unify and harness data from multiple sources, ensuring seamless communication between various platforms and enabling your customer 360. 

Integration Manager 2.0 offers a collection of new and enhanced features, including:

  • Powerful innovations: self-service deployment, unified observability tools, and advanced security features for optimal control.
  • Revamped infrastructure: streamlined application deployment and elevated debugging capabilities for rapid issue resolution.
  • Enhanced user experience: seamless identity and access management, efficient API versioning, and improved data privacy tools.

If you would like to learn more about the next generation of digital core banking integration and payment management with Integration Manager 2.0... Read more

May 4, 2023

Inaugural Edition, ABA’s Banking Middleware Report, $17.5M Series A

PortX Fintech News

Welcome to the inaugural edition of PortX’s Fintech News. This newsletter will share a handful of the most exciting developments in fintech and financial services, real-life stories from some of our most successful customers, upcoming webinars and events, and more.

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PortX Closes Series A Funding Round

For years, ModusBox operated complementary yet independent sides of its business: Supporting Mojaloop to develop, deploy, and operate an open source, real-time payment network (ModusBox) and delivering a world-class iPaaS for the financial services industry (PortX). Inevitably, a corporate reorganization was necessary to maximize the potential for each side of the business and magnify the value the two companies offer their respective customers. In September 2022, we announced PortX’s spinoff from ModusBox and the close of our $17.5M Series A funding round.

“We were thrilled to double down on our investment and partnership with PortX. Just in the last four months, we’ve observed firsthand the benefits that PortX’s seamless integration platform provides to our network of banks,” said Carey Ransom, Managing Director at BankTech Ventures. “We are excited for the increased focus that the new PortX entity will have on the community banking world and working with the team to open new, innovative opportunities and fintech connections for our banks.”

PortX CEO, David Wexler, shared the details in his public announcement and noted these primary benefits to the two companies and their customers:

  • PortX spinoff creates two groundbreaking companies better... Read more