Core Connectivity and Access

Simplified and reusable API connectivity empowers your FI to build innovative embedded finance, Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS), payments, and data management services without asking for your core’s permission.
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The challenges

Core Limitations

Legacy core technology is often poorly documented and proves difficult to integrate with internal and third-party solutions.

Banking core diagram

Data Silos

Banking core diagram

Valuable customer data is stored in multiple systems, making it challenging to provide comprehensive insights to launch new products and services quickly.

Unmanageable IT Landscape

Decades of ad-hoc accumulation of legacy systems result in a brittle point-to-point architecture.

Vendor Dependence

Network infrastructure diagram

Many vendors provide basic systems and services that come with onerous contracts and a sluggish roadmap.

Resource Constraints

Vendor dependence

It is difficult to utilize the few available IT resources for anything other than custom development and maintenance.

Our Delivery Methodology

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Agility Layer

Replace your legacy point-to-point landscape with an API-based agility layer that enables reuse, legacy modernization, and innovation. This allows access to data for new products and services in a matter of days, instead of months.

API-Led Design

Design and build your agility layer using the API-led approach:
1. Expose your data. 2. Describe your business. 3. Present your information to target applications and devices. Build APIs as modular, reusable components.

Integration Platform

Start with a foundational platform that satisfies a few simple use cases. You can evolve that platform at your pace to an enterprise integration platform. This approach can rapidly deliver digital transformation results in line with your budget and resources. Explore the PortX Platform >

Agile Org Model

Establish a new operating model based on agile principles and scalability. Enable your team to own the solution and train your ecosystem of developers and partners to securely access data through your library of reusable APIs.


Transforming our financial services customers from maintenance mode to innovation shops.

Banking core logoBank and Credit Union integration use cases

Modern integration is at the heart of our solutions. Below, are integrations that followed the API-led practices described above to provide independence from core vendors for our customers. In each case, the customer is able to leverage reusable APIs developed during these engagements to integrate other internal and external systems.

SalesForce, Mortgage Hippo, and Symitar:

Automated lead management and personal loan sales campaigns by integrating the Symitar core banking system (Customer System of Record), SalesForce (Campaign Engine), and Mortgage Hippo (Mortgage Leads) for a regional Credit Union.

Agility layer with salesfore, mortgage hippo and symitar

NCR Digital Banking and Fiserv:

Partnered with a regional consumer bank to replace a home-grown online banking application with NCR’s Digital Banking (formerly Digital Insight) and integrated with Fiserv Premier core banking systems. Subsequently extended the integration to include other components of the customer’s IT landscape.

Agility layer with NCR Digital Banking and Fiserv

NCR Digital Banking and Symitar:

Used the API-led approach to deliver an integration solution between NCR’s Digital Banking (formerly Digital Insight) and Symitar core banking system for a major Washington State (US) credit union. Subsequently extended the integration to include other components of the customer’s IT landscape.

Agility layer with NCR Digital Banking and Symitar

Glory Teller Cash Recyclers with Symitar:

Implemented an API-led solution that leveraged existing customer APIs to achieve interoperability between Glory’s Teller Cash application system and Symitar core banking system to support real-time cash withdrawal and deposit transactions for a major Pacific Northwest (US) credit union.

Agility layer with Glory Teller Cash Recyclers with Symitar

MeridianLink and Finastra Phoenix:

Worked with a US regional credit union to integrate its Microsoft-based Phoenix core banking software with new cloud-based banking applications such as MeridinanLink’s LoansPQ loan origination product.

Agility layer with MeridianLink and Finastra Phoenix

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