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We build open banking tools that unlock access to banking core data, eliminate vendor dependencies, and simplify connections to fintechs and real-time payment networks.

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The Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that accelerates innovative financial services. Quickly build, test, and reuse connections to any core, fintech, application, or data.

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Banking Integration

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Core Connectors

Unlock access to real-time customer data and eliminate vendor dependencies with simplified connectivity to popular banking core providers. Our connectors create a flexible integration layer to easily add or remove systems.

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Payment Connectors

Enable automation and efficiency with these pre-built connections to common payment networks in the financial industry. Tailor our connectors to your business by setting appropriate limits, defining KYC responsibilities, and simplifying manual approvals.

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Payment Manager

Merge your payment channels securely into one common management platform. Save your IT budget and instantly integrate these solutions into your banking core with our drop-in suite of simple and reusable APIs.

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Integration Manager

Your solution for designing, developing, deploying, and managing secure APIs, purpose-built for the unique needs of financial institutions. Achieve streamlined integration and optimal performance with our robust, developer-friendly platform.

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An open, portable, and business-friendly data transformation tool built upon proven enterprise mapping languages. Avoid vendor lock-in with this open source solution that transforms data for EDI, APIs, microservices, and more.

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Enterprise Integration

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Partner Manager

Accelerate, automate, track, and manage EDI messages with the first cloud-native B2B partner management tool. Built to work with any ESB, including MuleSoft, WS02, and Tibco.

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AS2 Connector

Easily configure secure file transfers with this intuitive interface that supports your existing ESB over the AS2 protocol.

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X12 Translator

A tool for converting the common X12 EDI data format into a REST-based JSON API that allows mapping and validation of your data transactions into an ERP or other backend systems.

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JD Edwards Connector

Quickly connect your JD Edwards ERP to the rest of the enterprise. This no-code connector is ready to plug in to any modern ESB.

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FTPS Connector

Drop-in connectivity to your organization’s integration architecture for secure file transfers over FTPS protocol.

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Our industry-leading solutions transform the teams, technologies, and capabilities our customers depend on to compete in today’s rapidly evolving landscape. Our service delivery model leverages API-led and Agile best practices in a team-based, collaborative approach.

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Team building solutions

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Discover DataSonnet

The best solution for data transformation

Application integration and accurately transforming data are critically important to maintaining relevance in today’s business. Many integration platforms provide tools for mapping but they can lock you into a particular vendor. DataSonnet was built to be open, portable, and business friendly.

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Read our latest case study:

Colony Bank drives operational efficiency, improves data management, and reduces dependency on its core provider

Colony Bank was stuck, relying on their core provider for system implementations and data uploads. This dependency resulted in high costs and time-consuming integrations. Through the implementation of PortX, Colony Bank gained the ability to create simple integrations between vendors, construct its own data warehouse, and improve its CRM and data visualization tools. This transition helped them move away from their core dependency and enable seamless connectivity across all systems.

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