Realize full control of your B2B integrations
with the PortX solution suite

Transaction Designer

Simplify end-to-end transaction setup, configuration, and dynamic routing on a single screen.

  • Quick views into transactions and complete routing rules
  • Visually design transaction flows without ever leaving the page
  • Develop reusable templates for efficient target and source configuration

Universal ESB Connector

Don’t let previous architectural decisions shut you out of the benefits of B2B automation. PortX is ESB-agnostic.

  • Choose from several best-of-breed ESBs – Camel, JBoss, WS02, etc.
  • Configure automated B2B flows with no programming
  • Run in the cloud or on-prem


Data Tracker

Understand order status and details with seamless, user-centric navigation.

  • One click drill down into details of individual orders
  • Edit and replay messages
  • Find transaction with metadata using the powerful search and filter tools

Insights Dashboard*

Gain insights into integration performance and order flow through dynamic visuals.

  • Proactive alerting based on past performance
  • Understand message performance against IT and business KPIs
  • Create custom reports and role-based dashboards

Self-Service Portal*

Shut the door on the time consuming back-and-forth with partners. Completely change the way you set up and configure B2B communications with cooperative onboarding.

  • Intuitive portal with easy, browser-based access from anywhere
  • Request missing information right from the onboarding workflow
  • Partner access offers dashboard, monitor, and testing from their own, secure login

B2B Connectivity

Use the protocols most important to you with PortX’s built-in compatibility.

  • Industry standard protocols to simplify connectivity with your trading partners
  • Protocol support includes EDI, AS2, FTPS, SMTP, HTTP, EDI X12, EDIFACT, HL7, Rosettanet, and Tradacoms

*Feature Coming Soon

Get control of your partner integrations.
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