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With decades worth of experience, our team leverages API-led and Agile best practices to deliver results. We work with you in a team-based, collaborative manner to help you transform your organization.

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Outcome-based approach

We help you identify your business outcomes and optimize your organization’s skill set, processes, and technology to become an innovation shop. Explore Digital Transformation >

Core principles

These elements are key in any successful digital transformation effort regardless of customer size, budget, or complexity.

Agility layer

Replace your legacy point-to-point landscape with an API-based agility layer that enables reuse, legacy modernization, and innovation. This allows access to data for new products and services in a matter of days, instead of months.

API-led design

Design and build your agility layer using the API-led approach:
1. Expose your data. 2. Describe your business. 3. Present your information to target applications and devices. Build APIs as modular, reusable components.

Integration platform

Start with a foundational platform that satisfies a few simple use cases. You can evolve that platform at your pace to an enterprise integration platform. This approach can rapidly deliver digital transformation results in line with your budget and resources. Explore the Fintech Hub >

Agile org model

Establish a new operating model based on agile principles and scalability. Enable your team to own the solution and train your ecosystem of developers and partners to securely access data through your library of reusable APIs.

How do we
deliver solutions?

Our delivery methodology is a team-based, collaborative approach that leverages API-led and Agile best practices. It builds upon the learnings and insights derived from our most successful customers.


We leverage key technologies and best practices to deliver integration solutions that enable you to access systems and data without vendor lock-in.

Integration landscape

Our team has delivered numerous integration solutions based on API-led best practices that provided our customers with access to core data and other key systems while maintaining vendor independence. We have significant experience with Symitar, Fiserv, NCR’s digital banking, and popular SaaS solutions such as Salesforce and Marketo—just to name a few.
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Integration examples

Workday with PeopleSoft

Implemented the MuleSoft Anypoint platform and followed the API-led approach to enable Workday as the management front-end using an existing PeopleSoft backend system of record. This resulted in the ability to assign students, faculty, and teachers to courseware, rooms, and other facilities for a major online education provider.

Salesforce, Magento, JD Edwards and Darwin LIMS (Thermo Fisher)

Implemented the MuleSoft Anypoint platform and used the API-led approach to deliver two key use cases. The first, was to integrate and coordinate incoming orders between Salesforce and Magento. The second, was to enable health supplement inventory management in JD Edwards to reflect real-time laboratory quality test results from Darwin LIMS (Thermo Fisher).

JD Edwards and JDA Software

Partnered with a major aircraft parts and supplies company to architect an integration platform between three manufacturing ERP systems. The design successfully integrated two legacy ERP systems, JDE and a home-grown system, with a new JDA Software ERP system.

NavRisk Vision, Chrome River Technologies, SAP, CitiBank/SWIFT

Designed and implemented an integration platform for a major American multinational oil and gas corporation to service multiple projects. These included automating and optimizing NavRisk Vision risk management system, Citibank/SWIFT, and other CMS, Federal, State, and Government regulatory entities. An additional project required integrating Chrome River expense management system with SAP.

SalesForce, Mortgage Hippo, and Symitar

Automated lead management and personal loan sales campaigns by integrating the Symitar core banking system (Customer System of Record), SalesForce (Campaign Engine), and Mortgage Hippo (Mortgage Leads) for a regional Credit Union.

NCR Digital Banking/DI and Fiserv

Partnered with a regional consumer bank to replace a home-grown online banking application with NCR’s Digital Banking (formerly Digital Insight) and integrated with Fiserv Premier core banking systems. Subsequently extended the integration to include other components of the customer’s IT landscape.

NCR Digital Insight/Digital Banking with Symitar

Used the API-led approach to deliver an integration solution between NCR’s Digital Banking (formerly Digital Insight) and Symitar core banking system for a major Washington State (US) credit union. Subsequently extended the integration to include other components of the customer’s IT landscape.

Glory Teller Cash Recyclers with Symitar

Implemented an API-led solution that leveraged existing customer APIs to achieve interoperability between Glory’s Teller Cash application system and Symitar core banking system to support real-time cash withdrawal and deposit transactions for a major Pacific Northwest (US) credit union.

MeridianLink and Finastra Phoenix

Worked with a US regional credit union to integrate their Microsoft-based Phoenix core banking software with new cloud-based banking applications such as MeridinanLink’s LoansPQ loan origination product.

B2B integration of SAP and Amazon

Enabled automated order processing and fulfillment from the client’s existing SAP ERP back-end with front-end Amazon order and fulfillment system using ModusBox’s EDI design and management product – Partner Manager. The client was a market-leading aftermarket auto parts manufacturer.

EDI replacement for OTR Shipper

Utilized Modusbox’s Partner Manager EDI development platform to define over 24 separate EDI translators/processors allowing the client to move off their current EDI vendor, saving thousands in VAN transaction fees. The client was a major U.S. freight company, operating more than 4,500 trucks.

SAP Order, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment Integration for a Manufacturer

Used PortX to provide a single platform to manage the two-way routing and translation of multiple customer EDI orders to client’s SAP logistics systems.

SAP Order Integration with a Vendor for a Manufacturer

Used PortX to facilitate SAP to HTTPS API processing of orders and fulfillment between a large manufacturer and their packaging vendor.

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