Integration Manager

Digital core banking integration software for financial institutions.

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The platform for modern integration

Integration Manager facilitates the design, development, deployment, management, and monitoring of custom APIs. It provides an array of developer-friendly tools, enabling continuous delivery and deployment of integrations, while breaking free from the constraints of expensive and cumbersome ESBs.

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Purpose-built for financial institutions

Integration Manager is focused on the unique needs of community financial institutions. It offers built-in Banking Core Connectivity and Open Banking APIs, streamlining financial transactions and connectivity. With highly available hosting, fully isolated infrastructure and networking, along with the flexibility to use any language and host databases, queues, and more in the same environment, seamlessly integrating with Payment Manager for a comprehensive range of payment methods such as Wires, ACH, FedNow, and SWIFT.

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Developed with portability in mind

Integration Manager is designed from the ground up to ensure seamless integration and deployment, allowing you to retain complete ownership of your code with zero proprietary dependencies. Leveraging best-of-breed technology for API implementation, workflow, data transformation, and API definition, along with a standards-based infrastructure that includes hosting, deployment, API gateway, and IAM, the platform embodies a flexible and adaptable environment that’s always ready for your unique needs.

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Foundational elements of Integration Manager


Design with agility and precision using the intuitive PortX API Builder and flexible Rules Engine. Our toolset enables you to effortlessly visualize complex workflows and design innovative solutions that address your financial services integration needs while ensuring seamless system coherence and efficiency.

No code solution

Dynamic api router


Seamlessly implement APIs to specifications or construct batch and asynchronous applications using leading Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) frameworks such as Apache Camel. Streamline your development process by leveraging our powerful suite of translators and parsers along with our extensive library of pre-built APIs and connectors.

Build & Deploy

From building to deploying, PortX’s API Builder and GitOps CI/CD practices streamline your processes, empowering you to deploy seamless integrations swiftly and securely. With automated code generation, comprehensive documentation, and event-driven architecture, bring your innovative digital products, platforms, and services to life quickly and efficiently.

security guard

Manage & Secure

PortX’s API Manager, Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Edge VPC (secure VPN to core) components power Integration Manager’s robust control over API access and bolster security with stringent access control policies, traffic oversight, and data protection. Coupled with optimal performance measures such as rate limiting, SLA policies, and circuit-breaking capabilities, it also provides efficient version control, ensuring your integrations perform at peak efficiency and remain secure at all times.


Ensure peak system performance and stay ahead of potential issues with the PortX Observability Portal. Gain invaluable insights and enhance visibility into your system’s performance through log management/search, infrastructure metrics monitoring, distributed tracing, and effective error management and alerts, all provided by our comprehensive monitoring component.

Integration Manager runs on the Fintech Hub.

Discover the power of flexible integration tools with PortX, the Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) specifically designed to fulfill the unique needs of financial institutions. From its complete modern integration stack built on a microservices framework to seamless identity management, robust data transformation, insightful monitoring, and extensive data protection, PortX equips you with a comprehensive toolbox for rapid innovation.
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