April 15, 2019

JD Edwards Connector for the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform Released for the Mule 4

by Dawn Kuczwara in Announcements , API Management , Connectors , JD Edwards , Mulesoft 0 comments

We created the JD Edwards (JDE) connector so organizations can derive maximum value from their investments in JDE and Mulesoft. Our latest version for Mule 4 delivers the flexibility required to take the value of this powerful combination to new heights. At the same time, we continue to offer the Mule 3 compatible connector for those who have not yet upgraded to Mule 4.

We are committed to continuous innovation with our partners across our family of PortX connectors, and ensure compatibility with the latest versions.

With the connector updated, and the certification process well underway, we’re pleased to announce that there is a reliable and easy to use solution to connect your ERP with the rest of your application network that works seamlessly with Mule 4.

JDE Connectivity with an API-led Approach

Companies today expect increasing value from their ERP investments. Modern architectures and hybrid cloud implementations require both flexibility and security in data sharing between business applications.

The PortX JDE Connector for Mulesoft delivers this agility without adding steep learning curves or expensive components to the development process. Standardized integrations between JDE and Mule 4 can be easily created with drag-and-drop development to a multitude of existing APIs, SaaS, enterprise, and legacy systems.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using the PortX JDE Connector:

  • Drag-and-drop development and deployment
  • Support for both cloud-hosted and on-prem solutions
  • Supports the following  JDE features –
    • Business functions for all JDE modules, as well as custom Business Functions
    • Universal Batch Engine (UBE) batches
    • EDI Events and Master Business Function Events
  • Direct integration to our PortX B2B/EDI platform for supply chain support

Features from our previous releases of our JDE connector are fully supported in this latest release.

We will  be releasing Mule 4 updates to our other connectors, including our AS2 Connector, in the coming weeks..

Interested in trying out the JDE Connector? Get a free trial and unlock the potential of your business data.