November 29, 2023

New DataSonnet Debugger Boosts Efficiency, Reliability, and User-Friendly Data Mapping for Financial Institutions

by Kent Brown and Eugene Berman in API Management , DataSonnet 0 comments

We’re announcing the DataSonnet Debugger! DataSonnet is the open source, template-based data transformation language that PortX co-developed and contributed to Apache Camel and is built-in to Integration Manager. DataSonnet’s simple syntax, strong typing to prevent subtle errors, and helpful error messages allow even occasional programmers to learn and build powerful transformations. Introducing the DataSonnet Debugger is pivotal as it further streamlines the data mapping process, greatly reducing development time and enhancing the efficiency and reliability in the API development process.

Key Features

Complex Code Debugging

With the DataSonnet Debugger, users can now effortlessly step through complex code, set breakpoints, and evaluate expressions. This feature is crucial for pinpointing issues in intricate transformations.

Innovated by PortX for the community

Developed by PortX engineers, this debugger results from intensive research and innovation, filling a gap left by the existing Jsonnet implementation from Databricks.

IntelliJ Plugin and VS Code Extension

The DataSonnet Debugger is seamlessly integrated into popular development environments. It comes with an updated IntelliJ Plugin and a new VS Code Extension, empowering developers to debug directly within their preferred IDE (integrated development environment). Our goal was to provide a debugger offering functionality and features comparable to those standard in well-known Java, C++, and C# debuggers.

Debugging Beyond DataSonnet

An exciting aspect of this release is its utility beyond DataSonnet. Because DataSonnet is built on JSonnet, developers can also use this tool to debug JSonnet scripts, contributing significantly to the broader JSonnet community.

Why This Matters

An internal data analysis of our projects revealed that a considerable amount of API development is dedicated to data mapping. Developers frequently encountered difficulties in debugging DataSonnet, leading to extended resolution times. Issues that could typically be resolved in 30 minutes to an hour were, at times, extended to one or two days due to a trial-and-error approach.

In our ongoing efforts to enhance efficiency, we recognized an opportunity to further streamline the API development process by introducing a debugger. This initiative not only assists our development team but also aligns with our commitment to continually improving the tools available to our customers and, in this case, the DataSonnet and JSonnet communities.

What’s Next?

Looking forward, we’re exploring ways to integrate DataSonnet debugging directly into our browser-based Integration Manager. This advancement will further streamline the API development process, making it more accessible and efficient for all users.

To learn more about DataSonnet and its critical role in the PortX platform, start a conversation with our team today.

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