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Easily extend PortX to industry-standard B2B/EDI messaging protocols and other integration tools through our application connectors. Explore hundreds of other open source connectors available in the community marketplace.

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X12 Translator

X12 is the most common message formatting standard used for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the US. The X12 translator provides a highly performant and scalable solution capable of processing large quantities and sizes of EDI files in milliseconds. Included standard for PortX customers.

AS2 Connector

The AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) protocol encrypts and signs B2B messages while using ubiquitous network protocols, like HTTP or HTTPS, to send and receive messages. The AS2 connector provides an intuitive interface to configure secure file transfers and works with a variety of ESBs.

B2B and Supply Chain

JD Edwards Connector

Integrate JD Edwards ERP to B2B/EDI trading partners,, marketing and social applications, POS, warehouse automation, databases, HR, and Financial systems. Connect JDE to a variety of ESBs and hundreds of existing APIs, SaaS, enterprise, and legacy systems.

FTPS Connector

The FTPS connector enables sending and receiving files over FTP (File Transfer Protocol) over a TLS/SSL connection. This connector is compatible with multiple ESBs, including Mule ESB, Apache Camel, and WS02. The FTPS connector handles very large files and is included standard for PortX customers.

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