AS2 Connector for Mule 4 Released

The PortX team has been hard at work ensuring that our tools for the MuleSoft ESB ecosystem stay up to date and continue to provide value for existing customers and new ones.

We’re pleased to announce that the PortX MuleSoft AS2 connector now supports Mule 4. 

AS2 for Mule4


Secure File Transfers with Mule 4

AS2 is the standard in B2B communication for secure EDI file transfers. With functionality that encrypts and signs B2B messages, AS2 offers organizations the opportunity to use common network protocols, like HTTP or HTTPS, to send and receive messages while protecting the integrity of the data within the file.

Secure message transfers are highly desirable for Mule 4 customers, and our AS2 connector was built from the ground up to work with MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform.


Why Use an AS2 Connector

The PortX AS2 connector for Mule 4 makes it easy for almost anyone to onboard trading partners and test file transfers. The intuitive interface means that developers can be freed from partner onboarding tasks, while EDI and business analysts are empowered to add and test partner connections and track messages.

Our previous versions have been extensively tested and proven in real-world use, having over three years of production time in Fortune 50 companies and passing the rigorous Drummond certification, ensuring stability and compatibility.

Now, with the AS2 connector available for Mule 4, we’re making it possible for companies using the newest version of the MuleSoft ESB to configure secure file transfers with support for asynchronous MDNs and file compression.

Interested in the PortX Partner Manager? The AS2 connector is included free with a PortX subscription* and natively integrated with our platform to make tracking and configuration easy and available through our SaaS environment. 

If you’re interested in trying out the new PortX AS2 connector for Mule 4, sign up for a free trial and experience the simplicity of creating secure EDI file transfers in MuleSoft’s most current platform.


*AS2 Connector is included with a minimum subscription tier and term of PortX Partner Manager, ask your PortX sales rep for more information