July 16, 2019

Announcing new X12 Translator Included Free with the PortX Platform

by Dawn Kuczwara in B2B/EDI , ESB , Translator 0 comments

For any organization doing B2B transactions, EDI, especially X12, is an important part of your trading partner communications. The format is nearly ubiquitous in transferring information electronically between businesses.

The challenge for many companies, both large and small, is two-fold when it comes to X12. First, automating X12 messages is complicated and time consuming without the right tools. And the right tools are expensive, priced out of reach for most small-to-medium businesses.

PortX is about to change all of that.

The X12 Translator for PortX

PortX’s goal is to modernize B2B/EDI communications with trading partners, integrating EDI to API infrastructure. As part of our continuing efforts to improve and expand the platform, we’ve developed a translator for the X12 format. The PortX X12 Translator is a native part of PortX’s B2B communications capabilities and works with nearly any ESB.

Unlike other X12 parsers, which are an expensive add on to your integration solution, our X12 translator is included with your base subscription of PortX. This offers you the ability to modernize your trading partner communications and provides a powerful and straightforward translator for the X12 format.

A subscription to PortX Integration Hub includes all of the features that you need to create simple and powerful automated B2B communications, track data, and view message performance. And with the release of the X12 Translator, you’ll have access to design transactions using this widely leveraged standard without needing to purchase anything more.

Benefits of the PortX X12 Translator

We’ve built the X12 translator that is included with PortX to be easy to use and robust while still giving you access to modern integration solutions. It provides businesses the ability to automate X12 messages without compromise.

  • Easy: The X12 Translator for PortX was built to alleviate IT bottlenecks by offering an intuitive solution that EDI analysts can work with directly.
  • Advanced: Designed to support flexible validation rules, such as those required by WEDI-SNIP and VICS.
  • Performant: Performance was an important design consideration during development. Our X12 Translator can process EDI transactions in milliseconds under heavy loads.
  • Robust: Handles large EDI files, up to 3 gigabytes.
  • Customizable: The translator ships with schemas for all of the standard X12 messages. Schemas can be customized for specific partners if needed.

If you’re interested in learning more about our X12 Translator and getting a free trial of PortX, let us know. We’d love to talk to you about how you can accelerate your B2B communications with our advanced solutions.