PortX Announces Integration Manager 2.0 to Transform Digital Core Banking Integration with Advanced Features

Powerful innovations: self-service deployment, unified observability tools, and advanced security features for optimal control.
Revamped infrastructure: streamlined application deployment and elevated debugging capabilities for rapid issue resolution.
Enhanced user experience: seamless identity and access management, efficient API versioning, and improved data privacy tools.


SEATTLE, WA. June 7, 2023. PortX, the financial infrastructure and integration technology company that delivers open access to data and rapid innovation for financial institutions through its Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), announces the release of version 2.0 of its  Integration Manager product, a significant update packed with advanced features tailored to streamline your operations and elevate control over your digital core integration. 

Combining the power of Integration Manager & Payment Manager for FIs

Integration Manager 2.0 provides FIs with powerful, API-driven process automation that reduces the workload on internal staff and supports a broad range of solutions unavailable from core vendors. This comes on the heels of PortX’s recent release of Payment Manager 1.0 – a tool that allows financial institutions to manage all payment channels on a single screen – introducing several new features, including added support for back-office operations teams to repair returns via Payment Manager’s UI, support for fintech use cases, single sign-on federated with an FI’s identity provider, quick search functionality for viewing historic wires by IMAD/OMAD.

Quick view of the new features available in Integration Manager 2.0

Self-service deployment platform: Now, deploy your applications easily and independently, leveraging a full suite of self-service features.

Unified observability tools and distributed tracing: Gain a comprehensive overview of your system and data’s performance with unified tools and distributed tracing capabilities.

Web UI with a real-time view of application deployment and analytics: Stay informed of the status of your deployments with a web UI, providing a real-time view of your application deployment and activity.

Easier error identification and removal with debugging enhancements: Debugging is made simpler with direct, low-level access to your cluster for quicker issue resolution.

Self-service, compliant identity and access controls: Manage access and identities in your system seamlessly with a new self-service feature.

API versioning and encryption security: Maintain seamless service continuity with a new API versioning feature and secure your inter-service traffic with encryption.

Enhanced Data Privacy: Experience heightened data privacy and protection with advanced features, incorporating dynamic Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) and centralized controls in common data ingestion and distribution points.

Better Networking via Edge VPC: Enjoy more flexibility when setting up your VPNs with the new Edge VPC feature. Now, assign a much smaller range of IPs, or even opt for a dedicated IP address according to your needs.

About Integration Manager

Integration Manager is PortX’s digital core banking integration software designed for financial institutions, streamlining API orchestration of internal databases for seamless digital app connections. The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including API design, collaboration through portals, automated build and deployment processes, and real-time monitoring with end-to-end observability, traceability, and centralized log management. It also supports development using industry-standard EIP (Enterprise Integration Pattern) frameworks, data transformation through DataSonnet, and robust API security and management controls like access control policies, rate limiting, SLA policies, and version control.

The platform offers a comprehensive suite of features, including API Manager for advanced API security and access control, efficient infrastructure management, PortX Developer Portal for user-friendly API documentation, and more.

Updates and New Features

The updates in Integration Manager 2.0 include improvements in security, infrastructure, and hosting architecture. PortX also introduced improved GitOps capabilities, enhancements to API Gateway, the Developer Portal, CI/CD templates, and a more unified view of the application infrastructure.

Bolstered Security

Integration Manager 2.0 enhances the platform’s Identity and Access Management, providing more advanced tool options that protect APIs and sensitive data within Integration Manager. 

Infrastructure Enhancements


Integration Manager’s hosting infrastructure enhances automation in the patching and management of underlying Kubernetes servers. This significant upgrade streamlines hosting processes and improves compliance SLAs, ensuring a more reliable and robust environment for your integration needs.


Integration Manager’s updated GitOps component offers an improved experience through a more user-friendly interface. This change makes it simpler for those who are not as familiar with Kubernetes to understand and debug deployments, enhancing self-service for the developer team. (See the Deployment Updates section below for more information about GitOps.)

API Gateway

API Gateway’s updated features enhance Integration Manager with strengthened security measures, including default encryption for all intra-cluster communication, internal endpoints by default, and support for mutual TLS (mTLS). These enhancements provide a robust security foundation for your APIs and services.

Traffic Routing

API Gateway offers advanced traffic routing capabilities. This allows for greater control over API calls and service interactions, such as managing different versions of an API. Simplified configuration of service-level properties, including circuit breakers, timeouts, and retries, ensures a smoother user experience.

Furthermore, API Gateway makes setting up A/B testing, canary deployments, and staged rollouts with percentage-based traffic splits easier. This flexibility enables you to confidently test and deploy new updates, ensuring a seamless transition for your customers.

Improved Developer Experience

Integration Manager 2.0 introduces powerful features to simplify deployment and enhance the development process by streamlining code compilation, testing, and container packaging. It also provides self-healing functionality for automatic synchronization and more.

CI/CD GitHub Actions Templates

The PortX Developer Portal includes GitHub Actions templates for CI/CD, which streamline the development process by automating code compilation, testing, and packaging into Docker containers. This simplifies deployment into the Kubernetes cluster at runtime and saves developers time by providing a ready-to-use starting point. (See the Developer Portal section below for more information about Developer Portal.)

Deployment Enhancements with GitOps

Integration Manager 2.0 introduces PortX GitOps, providing significantly improved GitOps capabilities that deliver the following benefits:

UI and live tail logs for enhanced visibility

GitOps delivers a user interface that offers improved visibility into the deployment process, allowing you to see what’s deployed within the cluster and identify any errors. The live tail logs provide real-time updates, streaming events as they occur for better insights.

Self-healing capabilities

The self-healing feature in GitOps ensures automatic syncing between the deployed components and the GitOps repository configurations. If any discrepancies are detected, GitOps will automatically correct them, maintaining a consistent deployment environment.

Simplified Deployment Process

GitOps simplifies the deployment process for developers by automating and templatizing typical container-based API deployments. This technology significantly reduces the complexity of Kubernetes deployment, making it more accessible and user-friendly for those apprehensive about lower-level Kubernetes configurations.

Refined Hosting Architecture

Integration Manager 2.0 introduces improved hosting architecture that ensures security, network isolation, expanded resource capabilities, effortless maintenance, and flexible networking options.

Enhanced hosting architecture for tenants

Integration Manager 2.0 introduces an advanced hosting architecture that enhances security and network isolation between tenants, preventing unauthorized access and promoting a secure environment.

Expanded resource capabilities

With this new architecture, Integration Manager 2.0 can accommodate other resources such as databases and queues within each tenant’s account. Integration Manager allows for a more comprehensive and streamlined system that caters to various needs and requirements.

Effortless maintenance through fully managed services

Integration Manager offers a fully managed service that handles patching and updates for all tenants. This not only ensures optimal performance but also allows tenants to concentrate on their core operations while the system takes care of maintaining a secure and up-to-date environment.

Flexible networking with Edge VPC

Discover the new Edge VPC feature in Integration Manager 2.0, offering more flexible VPN options. The ability to assign a smaller range of IPs or choose a dedicated IP address streamlines the process of establishing a secure connection from your integrations to the core.

Increased Reliability

Integration Manager 2.0 delivers unparalleled reliability and consistency, allowing users to focus on their essential tasks with confidence in their system’s performance and stability.

High availability at every level

Integration Manager 2.0 provides high availability at its core, ensuring uninterrupted service and optimal performance. Integration Manager is built to provide configurable numbers of replicas for every service across multiple availability zones, creating a robust and resilient infrastructure.

Automated error detection and recovery

Integration Manager incorporates automated health checks to detect error states promptly. The Kubernetes scheduler is then leveraged to restart any problematic services, ensuring a swift and seamless recovery process.

Unified Observability Portal

Integration Manager now offers a comprehensive, unified UI called Unified Observability Portal (UOP) that streamlines application infrastructure management. This change empowers users with enhanced dashboard creation capabilities, log analysis, and powerful distributed tracing. UOP enables users to track API calls across multiple layers, pinpointing the exact location of errors and time spent in the process.

The feature also provides infrastructure metrics and monitoring, distributed tracing, and error management, enabling you to stay on top of your application’s performance. Customizable alerts help you quickly identify and resolve issues before they escalate.

Additionally, UOP is extensible, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. This unified view of your application infrastructure empowers you to effectively monitor and manage all aspects of your applications in one place.

Developer Portal

Developer Portal is a dynamic and fully customizable platform for comprehensive API documentation. With the ability to tailor the portal to match your brand, including custom content, style adjustments, and branding integration, you can create a seamless experience for developers. Additionally, you can self-host the portal, giving you full control over its deployment. 

The Developer Portal is a valuable resource for app developers, offering an intuitive interface to discover and onboard your APIs, learn integration best practices, and access extensive API documentation. It empowers IT teams and developers to seamlessly incorporate your APIs into their applications, accelerating integration and fostering successful partnerships.

Comments regarding the release

  • “I am thrilled to introduce Integration Manager 2.0 to our customers. We have worked tirelessly to implement meaningful updates and innovative features geared toward enhancing control, security, and overall performance,” said Kent Brown, CTO. “This release is a testament to our commitment to providing tools that revolutionize digital core banking integration, and our dedicated team has gone the extra mile to ensure we offer the best solutions for your needs.”
  • “The PortX Integration Manager 2.0 release is a pivotal milestone in our mission to empower financial institutions with the tools they need to access core data, complete IT projects faster, and launch innovative banking products,” said David Wexler, CEO. “This update delivers a more sophisticated and user-friendly platform that empowers the next generation of banks and credit unions to work better together with their fintech partners.” 

What’s next for Integration Manager and Payment Manager?

In the coming year, expect further enhancements to Integration Manager in the form of a more unified portal experience, offering identity and access management, logging, alerts, dashboards, and visibility tools in a single, user-friendly interface. PortX is streamlining the deployment process by automating and abstracting away the complexities of building Docker images and configuring deployments to Kubernetes for most use cases. This will ensure more intuitive and browser-friendly management, making the integration journey smoother.

Additionally, look forward to Payment Manager updates that include improvements to the OFAC, Fraud, KYC, and payment workflow service usability, delivering a more seamless experience with Integration Manager.

If you want to learn more about the next generation of digital core banking integration with Integration Manager 2.0, contact PortX’s product team today.

About PortX

PortX is a leading integration technology company focused on financial services infrastructure. We provide open access to core data and enable rapid project delivery, innovation, and optimal customer experiences. Our solutions foster interoperability between internal systems and services, offering a real-time 360-degree customer view. We empower financial institutions to connect with fintech partners and real-time payment networks like Zelle®, ACH, FedNow, Fedwire, and others. For more information, please visit www.portx.io.

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