November 20, 2020

Webinar Recap: Stockman Bank’s Journey from Brittle Architecture to a Platform for Innovation

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In this webinar, Charles Colt, VP of Customer Solutions at ModusBox, and Kevin Guenthner, CIO at Stockman Bank of Montana, share the real-life digital transformation journey that Kevin and his team went on to free the organization from a “spider web” of brittle point-to-point architecture.

Kevin’s journey started with a question: “Why should the core be any more than just another piece of the pie?” He knew that as long as it remained at the heart of the bank’s systems, it would stifle the organization’s ability to compete with big banks. To keep up with the pace of change demanded by its customers, the bank transformed from being core-centric to a decoupled architecture. 

But it wasn’t easy.

Learn how Kevin navigated boardroom conversations with doubtful executives and ultimately removed their fear, winning them over as believers. He also describes how he led his team through the cultural shift from a waterfall approach to an agile methodology. And, Kevin provides practical advice for working with both banking executives and federal regulators throughout the conversion.

Digital transformation is escaping the hamster wheel of point-to-point integration and a legacy mindset to replace them with the flexibility you need to innovate quickly and scale the organization. If you would like to learn more about how we’ve helped financial institutions integrate with the banking core, start by watching the webinar with Kevin

You can also download our case study about the use case that Solarity Credit Union of Washington state turned into a digital transformation strategy that reduced its core integration work by nearly 18 months. 

Lastly, we would love to start a conversation about how our team can help you digitally transform your organization.

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