Service Manager

A simple web-based interface to design and manage all of your application integrations using configuration, not code.

No-code Integration

PortX Service Manager puts the power and control of integrations in the hands of the people who need the data, accelerating business outcomes and empowering data-driven decision making.

Empower all your employees to connect applications and data

Product Manager

Encourage innovation by giving business users the power to create their own integrations.

Business Operations

Accessible tools that put monitoring and management of integrations in the hands of business users.

Enterprise Architects

Simplify governance with a self-documenting view of all integrations across the organization


Focus on building APIs and applications

PortX Clears the Path to Digital Transformation

Web Based

As a simple web based application, Service Manager’s functionality is available wherever your users are with a clear, easy to user interface

Business Self-Service

Configure and connect your integrations faster with Service Manager’s no-code solution


No matter what ESB your company uses, Service Manager can accelerate your integration initiatives

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