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This is the next generation of low-cost digital payment infrastructure and services for banks, companies, governments, and individuals across the globe.

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In the future, people will be able to send, receive, and use money anytime, anywhere, with anyone. . . instantly.

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Unfortunately, the world runs on private payment systems.

Despite the abundance of modern payment solutions, these rarely have the ability to interoperate, or “talk” to one another. This disconnect is where the inherent costs of the financial system exist (e.g. transaction fees, wiring fees, processing fees, hardware fees).

Meet Winnie, a shopkeeper who pays the price.

For her, accepting digital money is impractical for multiple reasons. She can’t afford the setup costs that come with each new service or the transaction fees charged on each sale.
Because her livelihood depends on her day-to-day income, it isn’t an option to wait days for her money to settle in her account.
We call this the merchant problem.
Shopkeeper sweeping
Cell phone payments

She can’t accept all
forms of payment.

Winnie’s bank doesn’t interoperate with her customers’ banking and payment systems. Most modern digital services only work between users on the same payment network. So, she only accepts cash.

She can’t afford transaction costs.

Start with ultra thin margins on the wears she sells. Subtract costs and transaction fees imposed by modern digital payment services. She can’t afford to stay in business.
Scales balancing payments
Shopkeeper losing customers

This hurts Winnie’s business, stifles economic growth, and excludes people from the financial system.

The merchant problem is one of many that individuals face due to the inability of payment and financial systems to interoperate with one another.

There is a solution:

Real-Time Payment Networks

Integrate financial systems with an interoperable, real-time payment network (RTPN). This is a multi-actor, instant, 24/7 electronic fund transfer service that can be initiated through a variety of channels.
Real time payments diagram

How does an RTPN drive value?

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Mojaloop is a real-time payment network platform developed in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

ModusBox has lead multiple Mojaloop implementations in developing markets.

The level one projectBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Mojaloop ven diagram

Key design principles of Mojaloop

Open loop system icon

Open-loop system available to all

Available to any licensed financial institution in a country.

Real time payments icon

Real-time, “Push” payments only

Removes risks & costs associated with batch processed “pull” payment systems.

Irrevocable payment icon

Irrevocable payment with same-day settlement

Enables low value, high volume transactions in real-time.

Central bank icon

Governed by financial service providers, regulated by the Central Bank

Creates fairness within the financial system participants with a well-tested model

Our work with Mojaloop

We have deep roots working across financial services, mobile money, and development and delivery of flexible micro-services. Our history and experience enabled us to partner with other industry leaders in the creation of Mojaloop in order to drive financial inclusion to the world’s most vulnerable.

Learn about Mojaloop

Mojaloop connectivity diagram

Why work with us?

Building & deploying open source real-time payment networks

The Mojaloop code is open source. We offer an open source Software Development Kit (SDK) to help you manage real-time payments.

Discover our Mojaloop SDK >
View Mojaloop page >

Connecting to real-time payment networks

Connection Manager is an open source product that assists your organization in connecting your systems to real-time payment networks.

See our Connection Manager >

Real-time payment network implementation
  • Expert help to set up your RTPN
  • Cloud hosted and managed options
  • Processes to leverage Mojaloop for credit unions and community banks
  • Global consulting for financial institutions, governments, system integrators and more
  • Training and educational workshops
Real-time payment network management
  • Early patch and bug fixes
  • Specialized production support contracts
  • Proxy participation in open source community
  • Subscription-only training and courses
  • Community support at

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