PortX is the modern B2B transaction management platform

Built for Developers

Our cloud based solution makes it easy for your developers or analysts to execute complex B2B transactions, such as electronic data interchange (EDI) or XML, via a simple and unified API tool set.

Supports Major Business Transactions

Examples of supported transactions include purchase orders, payments, shipping notices, price information, quotes, wire transfers, and medical claims.

Faster Trading Partner Onboarding

Get up and running with your trading partners in hours instead of weeks with our intuitive setup and streamlined process.

Transaction Intelligence

Our intuitive business analytics, reporting, and dash boarding tools empowers you to discover valuable insights in your transaction details. Find errors faster, discover new sources of revenue.

Reliable Transaction Processing

Our cloud-based queue6centric platform guarantees 99.99% uptime and caching in the event of failure. Always on portal enables you to check on the status of your partner transactions.

Robust Testing Environment

Our fast, accurate, and automated testing provides clear visibility of integration requirements, test statuses, and issue resolution.

Exception Management

Powerful notification and error tracking framework provides up to the minute alerting of partner transaction exceptions. Superior search and filter tools, give you a proactive and preventative way to avoid costly transaction errors.

Enterprise Security

Protecting your information is our number one priority, and we accomplish this by using industry standard techniques and methods.


To Your B2B Problems

Automating Invoices and Purchase Orders

You spend precious man hours on common business documents like invoices and purchase orders. PortX simplifies the automation of these transactions and provides business insights through advanced analytics and dash boarding that will transform the way your B2B transactions are conducted.

Partner Endpoint Simplification

Your trading partner landscape is very complex with managed services, direct connections, and phone/fax/email connected by customer support. PortX simplifies all of this down to a single API endpoint platform, and this intuitive visibility and control will allow you to drastically increase efficiency and decrease cost.

End-to-End Real-Time Testing Validation & Management

Partner compliance is crucial to successful transactions, yet testing of these transactions can be impossible. PortX provides key test cases and focused technical compliance that will provide clear and robust visibility of integration requirements, test statuses, and issue resolution.

Powering Modern Logistics

Dealing with separate and inconsistent implementation is frustrating. So that’s why PortX allows you to view and manage business process execution across your entire trading partner community through a single API endpoint, which creates clear business process visibility and allows you to consistently manage processes.