What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange – or EDI – is an important piece of day-to-day business-to-business communication. It has accelerated the exchange of data between businesses, improved information flow, and reduced errors.

But what is it, really? Where did it come from? What is it used for? And what are the challenges businesses face with EDI? (more…)

The Process of B2B Communications

Communication between organizations and their trading partners is what drives business today. Companies no longer have the time, energy, or talent base to do it all, and must rely on their partners to provide materials, for transport, logistics, and more.

Communication with partners doesn’t stop there. Bills of lading, invoices, receipts, and other communication require solid connections between you and your partners. When a part of the network breaks down, everyone is impacted.

It’s why the instantiation and maintenance of B2B communications – using EDI, HL7, EDIFACT, Rosettanet, FTPS, or any of the other standard protocols – should be viewed as more than just an implementation task. It’s a process that involves both IT and the larger business. We view it as more than just a process, but as a 6-step cyclical lifecycle. (more…)

PortX: The Evolution in B2B Integration

by Kent Brown, CTO

Today we excited to announce the launch of the PortX B2B platform – the cloud-native B2B automation platform that revolutionizes the way businesses communicate with their trading partners. This release is a culmination of our deep experience deploying our current tools which help many large and small customers with their B2B, EDI and partner automation challenges.

At a time when technology is developing at a dizzying pace, and cool, world-changing technologies like AI and Blockchain, bots and robots, and self-driving cars are all the rage, why develop a product in one of the oldest, stodgiest areas? (more…)

3 Big Issues with EDI/B2B Communications – and How They’re Increasing Your IT Delivery Gap

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communications are the cornerstone for companies working with partners across the globe. This and other B2B communications protocols are important pieces to the puzzle for organizations to keep up with competitors and market demands.

No one would argue whether or not EDI is better than using a paper-based method of exchanging business documents like invoices, claims processing, shipment notices, and more. But B2B communications come with a significant set of challenges for a business, and for IT in particular. And with an ever-increasing, IT delivery gap, EDI, HL7, and other B2B protocols are a problem that must be resolved for companies to move as fast, or faster, than their competition. (more…)

EDI Transformation – EDI 850 to JSON Using Dataweave With the Anypoint B2B EDI Connector

The Dataweave language provides MuleSoft users with the ability to quickly transform data either through a graphical interface or using a JSON-like language. Both methods are intended to simplify the mapping and transformation of data.

One of the powerful features of Dataweave is the Preview feature.  If you set up a sample message in Dataweave, you can visually verify the output as you build the map, making it much easier to iterate to the full solution. (more…)

What is AS2?

AS2 has been out for a while, but I bet most of you have never heard of the spec. Indeed, a couple of months ago, I was oblivious to it. That is until we started building a first-class AS2 Connector. (more…)